O/D Meeting 05/21/2019

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May 21 meeting Board meeting

Charles, Ben, Andy, Jose, Amy Shah, Danielle, Brian, Tiffany, Jim, Michael, Virgil, Raj

Financial report sent out Agenda sent out

Meeting start 9:10pm

Financial report Jim – profit loss statement discussed Losses are mainly the new door system Income discussed: Amazon income from smile account Small amount of interest from bank Paypal income from new members

Reimbursements are up because Jim wrote a check for door security system Jim and Amy met to discuss the books Discussed working on the windows before next winter Discussed recurring expenses. 2,500 “in the hole” from the budget We did not budget correctly last year to account for the heavy utility bills Last couple bills have been in the $500 range because it got warmer Negotiating rent payments with the landlord so that we do not have a rent increase Discusses we are paying the processing fees for the paypal fees Discussion about paypal fees and pike 13 Good news – we can offer a makership because people have offered to increase their dues.

Discussion of donations from Tim’s bequest. If someone donates money, they can decide on its use. The money will go into the general fund for LVL1 unless it is earmarked for Makership. We have 82 members and will have 1 additional member today.

Workshops and events – LVL1 Birthday party – any volunteers to organize the party? Andy volunteers July 6 We have not gotten rid of the budget We need to allocate the money for the party Discussed changing the budget to better reflect the actual lack of money.

We have 2 pending events – hackathon for maker faire at Detroit Birthday for LVL1

Birthday for LVL1 vision – cookout and potluck Andy will ask for donations and will allocate $200 dollars from LVL1 funds to fund the party

CPR and first aid training Amy will do a CPR class at LVL1 “this is a place where accidents happen” Charles We may need more first aid equipment. We need to clean out the first aid closet and rearrange things inside – Virgil

Tiffany ran a really good workshop with 23 students Shopbot class on May 28 5:30 pm by Brian Brian will put it on the calendar

Brian states he will help manage the calendar as Tim is no longer able to do so

Space and equipment Do we need an AED? Discussion Jose concerned about training needed to get AED It might be good to have an AED in the building There may be grants to get an AED Lets put this on the agenda for next time to further investigate We have been reassessing our need for safety equipment today Danielle will ask for more community support from the google group

Space and equipment Small laser – smoothy board is back in stock. We will repair the small laser The money from Give for Good is going to fix the small laser Any other money will go to makership funds

Two 3D printers are working right now One is being fixed by David O-G

New member will be doing more jewelry making She may donate things for that purpose and will need to label any of those things so that it can be here long term

Plans for HVAC in metal shop and wood shop? Discussion of plans The sealed the roof of the bunker. There should be no rain leaking in now.

Issue with dust collector not working a while ago. Paul still working on issue. Currently not a problem

IT computer storage – The drives are mapped. All existing member files are stored on the design computer. Aaron and Kevin salvaged everything One computer is able to run the system right now. This computer is located on the file server rack. We are thinking of a cloud solution maybe next year.

Sealing the floors is a major undertaking Concerned about having that done Brian discusses disadvantages of doing the sealing Sealing the holes in the floor discussed

Lease renewal – need to get the lease signed Charles will be signing the lease Will not have a rent increase at this point due to negotiation Tasman will waive 3 years of back rent and not increase the rent further for 1 year After 1 year the rent will have a 3 percent increase. We are expecting the lease agreement to be reviewed by the directors and if acceptable to be signed by Charles All of the back rent will be waived. Thank Raj for negotiating the lease agreement

New Business How will we honor Tim? Name a room after Tim Vansant We need to think about this further Director of small matters at large was Tim’s title as Director Invite Tim’s family to LVL1 birthday party

Round Table What are the thoughts of the membership about the budget? Discussed by Virgil We need to ensure that people that come to the space have what they need Virgil wants to do a survey to ask members what they want the space to be like “State of the membership at LVL1” vision by Virgil Discussion of past workshops