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This is our fast and loose wiki site. It's the quickest way for all those involved with LVL1 to add and update information. For lots of basic info including our calendar, blog posts, social media links, driving and parking directions, etc. check out our web site! For more detailed and technical info including minutes to every one of our open meetings, our bylaws, plus projects, tools, instructions, etc. visit the LVL1 wiki page.

General Info


  • See the [Connect page] on our web site for links to our discussion group, hangout, social media and more!

Recent Meetings

These are the agendas from recent meetings:


You don't need to be a LVL1 member to enjoy any of our meetings, events and workshops. But if you'd like the full LVL1 access that membership provides, and want to fully support LVL1, we'd love to have you!



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