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The Idea

Louisville Mini Maker Faire was an opportunity for LVL1 and 1st Build to have a little fun. So, LVL1 decided to play a prank. 1st Build had a refrigerator on display. The door would open and close during the event. When the door opens, the light goes on inside. So, what if when the door opened and the light went on inside, a loaf of bread screamed.

What would cause someone to have such an idea?

Well, LVL1 prepared for the Louisville Mini Maker Faire by having a Friday night "get it done" hackathon for the Saturday faire. As a distraction, Harry Potter movies were played in the background. Somewhere midway through the first movie, a discussion of trolling our victim began. By the beginning of the second movie, David blurted out "screaming bread". The ideas did not get any better by the third movie.

The hallucination of talking bread based on the Harry Potter movies maybe a nod to the talking paintings, ghosts or annoying nature of the films. But the Truly Mad Scientist's LVL1 Splinter Group can't get the image of muppets out of their heads.


David Jokinen - LVL1 Member - Original idea and bread stuffer

Undisclosed - Member of the Truly Mad Scientist's LVL1 Splinter Group - Electronics and bad advice

Intended Victim

1st Build

The Basics

A loaf of Bread

SBP Bread Loaf.jpg

AdaFruit FX Sound Board

SLB-FX Board.jpg

5v Power Supply

SBP Power Supply.jpg

CDS sensor

SBP CDS Sensor.jpg


SBP Speaker.jpg

Recorded screams


SBP Screaming Fritz.jpg


A 5/3.3 volt power supply is located.

SBP Power Supply.jpg

The power supply will use a 9 volt battery. A barrel connector compatible with the power supply board is added to a 9v battery connector.

SBP Battery Pack.jpg

Light Trigger

First, we located a CDS cell. One was found in a motion detection sensor with a broken cover window.

SBP Motion Sensor 1.jpg

Breaking the cover window even more exposed the CDS cell.

SBP Motion Sensor 2.jpg

Next came removal and placement on a piece of PCB.

At first, it was thought that an external pull up resistor was needed to trigger the FX board. But the FX board had internal pull up resistors, so the added resistor was not necessary. Two wires were attached and the CDS sensor was ready.

SBP CDS Sensor.jpg SBP CDS Sensor Back.jpg

Putting the Electronics Together

The assembly of the unit begins with connecting the power supply and FX Board. The pin alignment of the power supply and FX Board power terminals allows the two boards to be soldered together directly. Next the CDS Sensor is soldered to trigger line 1.

SBP Assembly 1.jpg SBP Assembly 2.jpg

Final assembly of the electronics is completed by wiring in the speakers and connecting the battery pack to the power supply.

SBP Assembly 3.jpg

Sanitary Consideration

To prevent contamination, the electronics are properly baggied.

SBP Stuffing 1.jpg


Next, a loaf of bread is hollowed out and the stuffing begins.

SBP Stuffing 2.jpg

The Sensor is stuffed in first, followed by the electronic baggy.

SBP Stuffing 3.jpg

The Speakers are stuffed in last.

SBP Stuffing 4.jpg

The entrance to the bread is sealed with a plug and the bread is ready to scream when exposed to light.

SBP Stuffing 5.jpg

What Happened

The best laid plans did not work out. Access to the fridge was blocked. No joy.

Now What

Halloween is coming. Maybe another opportunity will arise.

Considerations for the future include:

Fake Bread

Power supplied via USB Hub installed in 1st Build's Refrigerator.

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