O/D Meeting 07/16/2019

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July 16 2019 Board meeting Agenda

Financial report - Jim Good News! Discussion of donations from Tim’s bequest. – 1000.00 and the 650.00 in cards. We formally named the Makership program the Tim VanSandt Makership. Membership –

Workshops and events – LVL1 Birthday party – spent 168.00 changing the budget to better reflect the actual lack of money. We have 1 pending events – hackathon for maker faire at Detroit - how many are going? CPR – how did the cpr class go?

Space and equipment Small laser – smoothy board has arrived All of the 3d printers functioning AC in the classroom has been fixed.

Updates? Suggestions? The Door Lock project update Discussed by Virgil We need to ensure that people that come to the space have what they need. Virgil wants to do a survey to ask members what they want the space to be like “State of the membership at LVL1” vision by Virgil Discussion of past workshops.

New Business E-cycle - Boneyard Membership area Large Membership storage What to do about Tim's shelf?

Round Table