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Membership dues meet LVL1's financial needs

The LVL1 membership has had many discussions on the best approach to reach out and extend membership to those with financial need. LVL1 is a hackerspace that relies on member dues to meet the recurring costs of rent, utilities, insurance and various other costs. Although the dues are low and comparable to a cable TV subscription, we recognize that for many aspiring makers/hackers it is still out of reach. Proposals of reduced rates for special cases, while obvious, do not seem like an ideal solution to this problem. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Reduced membership rates for students. While this seems obvious, it is not an ideal solution. Who's to say a student could afford the reduced rate as well? What about the financial needs of potential members that chose to take their education into their own hands? What about those who have completed school, but are are also in need of finances?
  2. Reduced membership rates for lesser membership rights. Again, there's no reason to say this reduced rate would be affordable either. It also creates a 2nd-tier membership and inherent inequality. All members should be held in equal standing.
  3. Reduced membership rates for hackerspace duties One more time, there's no reason to say this reduced rate would be affordable either. All of the membership should share in the more menial tasks of hackerspace upkeep. Again, it's a matter of equal standing. Plus, no member wants to be designated as taskmaster to make sure these duties are being fulfilled.

The ideal solution should meet the entire financial needs of a maker/hacker without making them a 2nd class member. Enter the 'makership'...