Jason Fuchs

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I am a 2006 graduate of UofL with my Masters in electrical engineering. I have been interested in electronics for as long as I can remember, but I just recently discovered MAKE.

I had several co-ops in college, including one at Motorola in San Antonio working on the LoJack device. After school, I worked at Synlabs, a small Louisville start-up, where I designed power supplies for high power flash bulbs. I am currently a research engineer for Genscape, which monitors utility companies and sells information about them to energy traders.

I have "Making Things Talk" by Tom Igoe and would love to work through those projects. I started a while back, but of course time and money have worked against me since then. I have some experience with Arduino and the "Processing" language, and I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron and board-level work. I've mainly used PCB Express to design my own circuit boards. I'm looking forward to having a space where disparate makers in this city can come together and make some cool things happen!