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Note: This is OLD. Check out Equipment if you found this for some odd reason.

  • Shop Vac (donated by Chris C.)
  • Heathkit Oscilloscope (donated by Chris C.)
  • Various EE books (on loan from Chris C.)
  • Orphaned Desktop Computers (donated by Chris C.)
  • 2 large folding tables (donated by Chris C.)
  • Heathkit Function Generator (donated by Chris C.)
  • Bench Variable Power supply (donated by Chris C.)
  • A couple of soldering irons (donated by Chris C.)
  • A Craftsman table saw (donated by JT)
  • Floor cabinets and countertop (donated by JT)
  • Drill Press (on loan from Bill P.)
  • Wood Lathe (on loan from Bill P.)
  • 3 Desks ( on loan from Bill P.)
  • 2 Sets of shelves ( donated by Bill P.)
  • Desktop computers ( donated by Bill P.)
  • Rabbit semiconductor dev kits (donated by Chris P.)
  • Linx wireless module dev kits (donated by Chris P.)
  • Box of miscellaneous components, resistors, capacitors (donated by Chris P.)
  • Refridgerator for food items (donated/procured by Chris C.)
  • First Aid Kit (Donated by Jynn)
  • 17" LCD Monitor (Donated by DS)
  • 4'x4' Table (Donated by DS)
  • Swivel Office Chair (Donated by DS)
  • Self powered voltage regulated breadboard (Donated by DS)
  • Stockpile of various electronic components (Donated by DS)

What we still Need

Need List