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This page includes orientation, nomenclature, and a supplier list, and links to instructions for making parts for the Wood Shop Dust Collector

Components, what we call them, what they do

DSC 7267.JPG Cyclone and Blower: The Cyclone is the clear cylinder and cone under the wood mounting shelf. The Blower is the hardware attached above the mounting shelf. The Blower includes a vertically mounted Motor driving an Impeller that pumps air from the Cyclone and exhausts it to the Filters. Air, wood chips, and wood dust enter the Cyclone from the network of duct work in the Wood Shop ceiling (from the right in this picture). The Cyclone separates wood chips and most of the dust from the air. Clean air exists up the center of the Cyclone and is pumped through the Filters before exhausting clean air back into the Wood Shop.
DSC 7265.JPG Cyclone and Collection Drum: Incoming Wood chips and dust are separated from air by being flung against the walls of the Cyclone. As spinning wood chips slow down, they fall into the blue Collection Drum under the Cyclone.
DSC 7266.JPG Filters: The Cyclone removes about 98% of incoming wood chips and dust. Air exiting the Cyclone goes through the Filters before returning to the shop. The filters remove 99.99% of dust particles above 0.5 micron diameter.
DC gate closed.JPG Gate: Each tool attached to the dust collector has a Gate in the duct leading to it. Gates should normally be closed, opened only when a tool is being used and dust collector is on.