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Hi all, I am a professor in ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) at the University of Louisville. My research area is in micro/nano fabrication, microfluidics and putting it all together with electronics for wireless environmental sensors.

I am excited about LVL1 as a way to bring in new students AND for our students to get hands-on project building experience outside class.

Plus, the creative energy of people in the Louisville area is amazing to behold. If you're curious about LVL1--no matter your background or experience level--DO attend a meeting!

Here's my research/teaching web page: Harnett Lab

Here's an instructable I did on DIY Flex Circuits

Laser cutters are a wonderful resource I hope we can get for LVL1, but until then, service bureaus like Pololu and Ponoko do a good job. Here's a construction kit I made that you can download at Ponoko. Lately I have been using these services to make cases for electronic circuits. If anyone local has gone 3D with Shapeways I would enjoy seeing the results at a LVL1 meeting!