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This is a To Do list for information that needs to be added to our 1023 form.

PDF Form [1] and instructions [2]

Part 3 We need to address this section.

"The following questions are designed to ensure that when you file this application, your organizing document contains the required provisions to meet the organizational test under section 501(c)(3). Unless you can check the boxes in both lines 1 and 2, your organizing document does not meet the organizational test. DO NOT file this application until you have amended your organizing document. Submit your original and amended organizing documents (showing state filing certification if you are a corporation or an LLC) with your application."


  1. 1) Educational. 2.1) Yes 2.2) Addressed in Bylaws section 10.2 2.3) I'm not sure but I assume so in Kentucky. -Chris
  2. I think this needs to be part of the Articles of Incorporation. If so we will need to write one up as the form is not going to have what they are looking for. -Joe
  3. This is more or less taken care of now but I want to take a better look at Article 6 before I mark it off.

Part 4

Using an attachment, describe your past, present, and planned activities in a narrative. If you believe that you have already provided some of this information in response to other parts of this application, you may summarize that information here and refer to the specific parts of the application for supporting details. You may also attach representative copies of newsletters, brochures, or similar documents for supporting details to this narrative. Remember that if this application is approved, it will be open for public inspection. Therefore, your narrative description of activities should be thorough and accurate. Refer to the instructions for information that must be included in your description.


This document has been made but anything anyone can add to it would be awesome. This is the document we use to sell ourself.

  1. Include mission statement, with perhaps an expanded narrative. We can attach past workshop fliers as well. -Chris

<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1WRP2LPNBVxeoD77aAkzzWNmxFwApa1NHIm1eOOKw6gY&embedded=true"></iframe>

Part 5 2A

Would we need to disclose that Brian and Mark are Co. Workers?


  1. Yes I think so. -Chris

Part 5 Question 4

Do we have a a system set up for the situations outlined or is this all covered in our non compensation?


  1. I think it's all covered by our non-compensation clause. -Chris

Part 5 Question 5

Do we have a conflict of interest Policy?


  1. Bylaws section 7.11 have a conflict of interest policy for directors, which includes officers. -Chris
  2. We may want to expand this to non officers also. -Joe

Part 6

Any information that is in this section right now was ripped from HacDC. Needs to be addressed.


  1. I'm unclear on what needs to be addressed. -Chris

Part 9

We can not really do this on the wiki but we need to get this squared away on paper.


  1. Just extrapolate from our existing membership income plus maybe 1/4 of membership as workshops. -Chris